Terms of Use, Personal-Usage License

The document for sale on this website is NOT free - if you received it without paying for access, you possess an illegal copy and we require you to report the source of distribution to us immediately, at admin @ sexlessmarriagecure.com so that we can take appropriate action to preserve our brand, and to ensure that we preserve the exclusive nature and value of this product in the interest of our paying customers.

Furthermore, you are given a non-transferable, “personal use” license to the product. You cannot distribute it to any other individual or share it on the internet.

It goes without saying then that this personal use license DOES NOT include any sort of “resale rights” license or “private label” licensing whatsoever.

Legal action will be taken on anyone who violates our copyright ownership.

In short: Please keep this to yourself - otherwise I'll have to ask my lawyer for legal advice. (Too be honest with you, I am not in favour of engaging his services...)



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