Now You Can Cure Your Sexless Marriage… Even If Your Situation Seems Hopeless!


I will take you by the hand and show you just how to fix your sexless marriage – Even if you are the only one whose trying…


Bring the intimacy back into your bedroom and never lose it again!


It doesn’t matter how long you have been in a sexless marriage, I can help.







he sound of the plate hitting the kitchen wall was probably heard halfway down the block. The all too common words; “Why don’t you just drop it and leave me alone, it’s not a big deal?” echoed through the house as they did most nights.


The door nearly exploded off its hinges as Raymond entered and slammed the spare room door to sleep after yet another night of senseless arguing. Ann had tried to be reasonable, but what could a woman do when she couldn’t reason with her husband because he wouldn’t accept the fact that there really was a problem?


She spent the next couple of hours cleaning up what was left of the dinner and the broken plate from the kitchen floor; crying alone into her glass of wine and wondering where everything went wrong before going to bed alone and crying herself to sleep – again!


Her last thoughts before finally getting to sleep as always were “this isn’t a marriage any more”


As far as Ann was concerned, her marriage to Raymond was over and all chances of recovering what was once a loving and sexual relationship seemed lost.


But before she announced to him that they were through she decided that she had to prove to herself (and Raymond) that she had tried everything in her power to fix the relationship.


Even if Raymond wouldn’t accept that their sexless marriage had ended the relationship; she wasn’t going down without a fight…


Thousands of questions filled her head, where did it all go wrong? Am I to blame? Has he stopped loving me? Is he seeing someone else? What about the children? And so many more.


The fact that Ann really wasn’t willing to give up even though Raymond was unresponsive to the whole thing was the main factor in them being able to salvage their marriage.


She worked at the problems surrounding their sexless marriage alone; the only help she received was the right information. With the right information and the desire to hold on to the person you love – you can get through anything.


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If you think that your marriage is over!


I have good news...


Did you know that a sexless marriage can be salvaged? Did you also know that couples who make it through a sexless marriage have a stronger and more loving relationship? There are many hurdles in a marriage and this is one of them, it may seem like a huge one but it can still be overcome. Right now this may seem like the worst situation imaginable but you are about to learn that you can resolve a sexless marriage successfully!



There is hope...



I can almost see you shaking your head in disbelief...


And that's fine... let me ask?


Didn't you realize that a sexless marriage can be cured? Did you think that all sexless marriages ended in divorce? Did you think that your marriage was over?


I bet you did... and here's the real "lights come on" moment...


If every couple suffering from a sexless marriage split up and got divorced, would people still be getting married in the first place?


Think about it for a minute...


No one in a loving sexual relationship would risk getting married if they knew for a fact that there was even the smallest possibility of their marriage turning sexless, and the problems that this would cause. But people still get married every day all over the world because they believe that they can handle whatever life throws their way.


And the truth of the matter is, most couples can handle lots of situations; but when the problem starts and ends in the bedroom they seem to fall apart. The lines of communication seem to close and they find themselves unable to talk about the subject at all.


"Sexless marriages are cured every day REGARDLESS of the situation!"



eriously, Doesn't that make sense? That if most of us can think of couples that have stayed together and resolved their issues...even when things seem at their worst...that there could be some hidden recipe, or secret even, to reignite the passion and make the relationship stronger than before?


Now...I am not saying that they were holding some "secret sexless marriage cure spell" book and doing weird chants...not at the same time somehow (mostly by accident) they said and did THE RIGHT THINGS and at THE RIGHT TIME...and managed to reverse the problems and get their marriage and their sex life back on track, giving them both a second chance.


Let me just repeat this part...They did this mostly by ACCIDENT!


So, what if? What they said and what they did...could be "bottled" so to speak? And then you could "un-bottle" it and put it to use? To erase the pain and hurt reignite the passion turn back time to point when your marriage was fresh, new, exciting and sexually fulfilling.


Yes...A Magic Recipe...In A Sense...


You see there is a "recipe for curing a sexless marriage" as well as a recipe for reviving the passion, desire and even the lust...


What others have done by "accident" can be repeated over and over on PURPOSE!


And you know what?


If I were you...I would be somewhat skeptical right now...that's totally fine! I am going to show you some proof, just bear with me a little longer okay?


Does any of this sound familiar?


- Distrusting your partner because you suspect an affair

- Avoiding a conversation to avoid an argument

- More headaches than normal

- Drinking a little or a lot more alcohol

- Dreading bedtime

- Avoiding going to bed at the same time as your partner

- Resentment

- Ignoring the phone when you know it's them calling

- Appearances have changed for the worse

- Rehearsing what to say so you don't say the wrong things


...and even though you go out of your way to avoid a confrontation or argument by mentioning the problem, it all turns ugly because without a clear plan of what you are supposed to do...what happens?


P-A-N-I-C...defensiveness...arguments...and then it gets really nasty.



Do you make any of these mistakes with your partner?


- Trying to convince them that everything will be fine

- Appologizing profusely for everything

- Pretend that it's no big deal

- Play the blame game

- Use insults to get your point across

- Give them the silent treatment


...and of course with every word we utter, regardless of our intentions, the more and more defensive, angry and distant they become.


Please know is not your fault! You weren't taught about this back in school. You probably weren't told about this by your parents...and there is no "sexless marriage" courses at night school...


And what could be more important that a loving sexually active married life?



So why is it that there are all kinds of useful books, magazines and help on fixing cars, money management, fixing up your house, yet there is hardly any USEFUL information on how to fix a sexless marriage?


It's crazy.


And as you are about to see...all that has changed.



Christine Taylor Discovers The "Sexless Marriage Cure Recipe"


Hi, my name is Christine Taylor; I want to say right now so that we get it out in the open...I am not a psychologist, doctor or marriage guidance fact I have truly upset many academic types over the years and I'll tell you why in a moment.


I grew up as one of seven siblings, I was the youngest and at the time I hated it. As life went on and my brothers and sisters dated, got engaged, married and had their own kids I became part of a very large family. This in itself was nothing unusual, until I started to listed to the conversations at parties, barbecues, christenings etc:


Some of my own family and extended families had so many problems, it surprised me that none of them had been institutionalized.


From the boredom of sitting in a corner and listening, I started making token comments to people with their marriage problems. The strange part about this was that they actually listened. There was no trick to this, I had heard so many conversations from different people over the years that I really was like a walking encyclopaedia of marital problems.


Anyway...It wasn't long before family and extended family members would actually call me on the phone to meet for coffee so that they could pour their heart out about one of many problems.


I wouldn't say that I loved it...but the feeling I got when my advice worked was unbelievable.


I am now married with two children, plus everything that comes with it, mortgage, bills, debts etc: And even now I still receive phone calls from someone asking my opinion on a marriage problem. In fact...over the years, my family and extended family has increased in size, I also received (and still do) phone calls from their friends who need advice.


So...over the years I have gathered a wealth of experience and knowledge and have also managed to keep several marriages together, in fact if you saw my own family and extended family you wouldn't believe how happy they are. At times I have rally felt like a "Dear Abby" stand in.


Now this overview isn't to brag or boast about how lucky I am, it is simply and insight into what has made me become able to help many people in the past avoid separation and divorce, and to shed some light on how I am able to help you.


And in case you are still wondering...yes!...over the years I have talked to and helped over fifty people to cure their sexless marriages. Since I wrote this book I have also gone on to help many more couples around the world with this problem...and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to help you right now.


Upsetting the academics...


As I said earlier "I have upset many academic types in the past". The simple truth behind this is that I have received many emails and even a few phone calls from VERY ANGRY marriage counsellors and therapists.


These are the people who charge you hundreds of dollars per hour (sometimes for months and even years), when I can tell a family member or friend to do a few things; they go home and use the advice and the next thing I hear is that their sexless marriage is fixed.


Seriously...I actually phoned my eldest brother to find out how the advice I gave him worked because I hadn't heard from him for a while...he answered to phone after about the tenth ring and said "this really isn't a good time Christine, if you know what I mean" I was so glad my advice worked but the next time we spoke, I told him "next time, turn off the phone".


Now you are free to make up own your mind about me. I just don't believe that any amount of sitting in a classroom can ever make up for the REAL WORLD experiences which I have...


I mean, what is a more valuable experience?...listening to a lecture on the male and female libido? Going over notes from documented cases from the 1950's? Or ACTUALLY BEING THERE when my sisters husband told her that it was all over, and being able to reverse his decision and get them back together stronger than ever?


I don't know about you but ,y money is always going to be on the person with the real world experience, every time!


Now, if you're here today reading this, I am guessing that you have some sexless marriage issues too? If this is the case...I think I can help...



This really works!...sometimes too well!


Frankly, I still get a little freaked out about how well this works...not in a bad way, but when you are dealing with a couple who's sexless marriage is a split second from the divorce courts or an inch away from a wife throwing her husbands belongings into the hear a little later that they have resolved their issues and making out like teenagers can get a little overwhelming.


Anyway, I have titled the "recipe" simply Saving Your Sexless marriage...You see, it is my opinion that there are really no impossible situations. I have seen couples go through affairs and stay together, I have also seen a marriage nearly crumble due to the death of a child, I have also seen a husband get out of jail after 3 years and find his wife waiting right there for him at the gate.


And everything else in between! How nuts is that?




You know what?


By now I bet you really want to see some proof that this works? I would too if I were you!


Here's PROOF This Works



The best way I know to show you proof that these techniques really do work is by showing you some of the testimonials which I have received.


Now please note, I am not a website designer or a video editor or anything technical...


So what you see below are just a few of the emails which I copied and pasted here for you to check through, there are real emails from real people who have used the Saving Your Sexless Marriage techniques successfully.




The best book I have read on the subject - You certainly know your stuff Christine.

Thanks to you, I can start getting things back to how they used to be (without putting the blame on my wife again)

Thank you

Marshall - Illinois (USA)


At last - Someone who knows what they're talking about...

It's refreshing to read a book on sexless marriages written by someone who has first hand experience.

Candice - Brisbane (AUS)



My husband and I thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We were actually giving up on our relationship until I saw your book. Our marriage is now getting back to normal again.

It's not quite the same as it was when we first got married but that was a long time ago and we're both a little older now but thanks to you we both learned that we can still surprise each other in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom.

Thank you - you are an angel...

Mary - New York (USA)



I actually thought that my marriage was over. Everything was going through my mind at a million miles an hour, I didn't understand what I'd done wrong.

I was so relieved to read your book and get some answers. We sat down and talked for what seemed like hours, now I know where things started to go wrong and together we are working on them together.

There is no way that I can ever thank you enough, but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Kelly - Florida (US)


Playing the blame game (as you put it) was nearly the end of everything. Once I read your book I realized that I'd been blaming him when I should have been blaming myself for being the cause of all this.

We are back on the road to a healthy sexed marriage and he doesn't blame me for a thing - and to think that I nearly lost this guy

Thank You doesn't seem enough

Roseanne - Ontario (CAN)


Download Saving Your Sexless Marriage Techniques



After using your techniques we managed to get our sex life back on track, but now it's even better. My husband booked a one week vacation for us to Paris, I don't know about it being the City of love but our hotel room certainly was.


I don't know how to thank you for what you have done for us, I really thought that a divorce was the next thing we would do together.


We both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


God bless you


Mary and Tony


There Are NO Impossible Situations

Now, what I have noticed in helping so many people, is that there are UNDERLYING REASONS for a sexless marriage which people always overlook...usually it is the most obvious and simple things which cause this and many other situations in a marriage...

And once you know and UNDERSTAND, and are given the right techniques and a little guidance on what to do and when to do is like being handed "the recipe" for the perfect marriage...

Because not only will you be able to cure your sexless marriage but you will also be able to prevent it from ever  happening again...most people have found that their sex life increases dramatically after using these techniques...

Now, isn't that great news?

Let's talk about what's inside "Saving Your Sexless Marriage" and how it is going to help you:


When You Download You'll Receive These Virtually Immediate Benefits...

  • Understanding the causes behind a sexless marriage and what you need to do before you can fix it

  • Learn why sex is so important to a successful marriage - not the reason you may think

  • Going back to the beginning, the real beginning

  • How to take your time when trying to resolve a conflict - "if you rush - you push"

  • How to come to terms with infidelity in a sexless marriage

  • How to do this by yourself, if your partner is unwilling to make the effort

  • Sexual dysfunctional problems

  • Changing your sexual habits - not just in the bedroom

  • Making the marriage work

  • Never letting a sexless marriage happen again

  • Everything you will ever need to spice up your sex life and keep it interesting.

  • And lots more...

Get Started Now (Instant Download)

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The techniques, principles and advice you will receive with Saving Your Sexless Marriage have helped hundreds of men and women just like you to cure their sexless marriages, and make their marriages happier and stronger than before...

Will you allow me to help you too?

It would be my pleasure, and I realize that we have just met, so you may have some things on your mind...


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I order and for some reason it just doesn't work for me? It is my opinion, like we talked about earlier that there really is no impossible situation, but I have been wrong before and if for some weird reason it doesn't work for you…or even if you are not absolutely delighted FOR ANY REASON…please, I WANT you to get a refund. In fact, you have a full 60 days before you have to decide. How good is that?

Can't I just find this information free on the internet? I LOVE to save my money and find stuff free when I can, but I know for a fact that the only place on the planet that you can get your hands on what is inside Saving Your Sexless Marriage is right here. See, I have spent hours looking at what is available…and some of it is tepidly okay…but you don't get the WHOLE PICTURE…and reading an article or two without really understanding what you are doing…can really hurt your chances rather than improve them.

When will I receive Saving Your Sexless Marriage? Great question. You will receive it immediately after you have ordered because it is a downloadable book (ebook). So you will have it on your hard drive and in your hands in moments. It is  very safe, reliable and so easy a caveman could download it.

Can I use the Saving Your Sexless Marriage on a Mac? Yes! The Saving Your Sexless Marriage System is in PDF format so it is viewable on PCs as well as Macs.




"Order and download Saving Your Sexless Marriage. If you are not  absolutely delighted for any reason…You will receive a prompt and courteous refund."






Sound Fair?


Now, I don't want to sound like some salesman or something…I really don't…I do want to strongly urge you to order right now because I just can not imagine ANYTHING that can make you happier than enjoying the rest of your life with the person you really love…Can you?


I Mean...


...every moment you wait…makes it harder and harder and harder to get them back because time is the soil in which their indifference towards you grows…and it is INDIFFERENCE and NOT HATE…that is YOUR BIGGEST ENEMY right now.


So please... I want you to click the order button below. Place your order. Download Saving Your Sexless Marriage  so we can get started today. This is your chance to regain control of your love and life and I believe fate has brought us together.




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Instant Access - 24 Hours A Day - 7 Days A Week - 365 Days A Year!




This guide is intended to help you improve your marriage through what already exists between you and your partner, but may have been lost in the rush of every day life or simply forgotten over time.  This guide can help you to achieve a new outlook on a life with your partner as well as improve your relationship and intimacy many times over.


This report covers many aspects of saving a marriage.

Seeing the problems which need fixing

Opening the lines of communication

Starting from the beginning

Dealing with differences

Boundary issues

Power struggles


and much more...


These bonuses are NOT available any where else, they are only for customers who purchase Saving Your Sexless Marriage - The bonuses work great with the main publication which means that once your sexless marriage is back on track, you can make the relationship solid for many years to come...

All of this for

ONLY $17 Offer Extended for 2 Weeks

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P.S. Don't let any more time go by, get a copy of SAVING YOUR SEXLESS MARRIAGE today  and prepare yourself for the happy marriage that you had before or have always wanted!







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